Welcome to your gift

You’re about to use your candle in a way you’ve probably never done before. You’ll see why a candle from the Ebb & Flo Co is so much more than your regular candle.

But before we start...

Take a moment to look at the safety label at the bottom of your candle and read through our candle care instructions.

- Notice the advice to keep the candle away from drafts, children, pets and any potential hazards.

- Ensure your candle is on a level surface and away from anything that might catch alight.

- Never leave your candle unattended.

Are you ready?

Just click the button below, follow my voice and allow yourself to surrender.

Surrender to THIS moment. YOUR moment.

Disclaimer - please exercise caution when burning your candle. You will be invited to close your eyes for a little while during this recording, please only do so if you have adhered to the candle safety guidance otherwise feel free to keep your eyes open throughout. The Ebb & Flo Co will not be held liable for damages caused from misuse of your candle or failure to adhere to the safety guidance when listening to this recording.

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