Our Why

Founded by Gurinder in 2021, The Ebb & Flo Co was born out a desire to gift with purpose – not just for the birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations of life – but for the struggles, the tough times in life too. Something Gurinder knows all too well.

After living a happy-go-lucky life until her 30s, Gurinder quickly realised how far from reality that was when life became ‘messy’ - experiencing recurrent miscarriage, a stillbirth and the sudden death of her father - all in the space of a few years.

Gifted with countless bouquets over the years, she began to realise just how ‘empty’ these gifts were. Yes they look beautiful for a week or so, but that was it.

Here, a seed was planted.

Many years later, after finally giving birth to her first living child, finding her voice and going on an immense journey of healing and self-discovery, that seed re-emerged.

A crafter at heart, Gurinder has combined her love of making things and steeped it in greater purpose. All of our products are designed to help you come into the moment and ‘be’ with life - the highs, the lows and everything in between.

Lighting an Ebb & Flo Candle to unlock our added gift to you

Our products

Our candles are made with our very own hands – from wicking, pouring, labelling and packaging - absolutely everything is done in house, by us, with intention, with love and with you in mind.

Our 100% natural coconut and rapeseed wax is infused with blends of premium fragrance oils and wicked with exquisite wooden wicks designed to elevate your candle experience.

There’s an earthy yet classic quality to our products – using only black and white vessels, we seek to echo the sentiment of the brand, that life is made up of dark and light times. They come as a pair. To deny one would be to deny the other.

Our products have personality

No, really, they do! Using 100% natural wax and wooden wicks means every candle is unique and has its own quirks.

You may get a lumpy top or a random crack when your candle re-solidifies, the wax may colour slightly and your flame will almost certainly go up and down, crackle and jump about in it’s own unique way, because guess what? It’s natural.

And everything in nature is perfectly imperfect.

You included. Unique. And utterly beautiful just as you are. Let our products be a reminder to embrace imperfection, to own it
and to simply do life your way, quirks and all.

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