Caring for your candle


Because we want you to get the most from your candle, we've put together some care instructions.

Follow these and you will be sure to have a safe and enjoyable experience from the first to last burn of your candle.

  • BEFORE lighting your candle

    Read the safety label at the bottom of the candle.

    Place the candle on a level, heat resistant surface.

    Light your candle in a well-ventilated area, away from drafts, children and pets.

    And remember not to leave your candle unattended.

  • The FIRST burn

    When you light your candle for the first time, allow it to burn until the surface turns to liquid wax – around 2-3 hours.

    This is because wax has a memory and if it’s not completely melted across the surface, it will continue to burn with a ‘tunnel’ – with wax still clinging to the edges of the container.

  • SUBSEQUENT burns

    Allow the surface of the candle to solidify before re-lighting.

    Before each burn, using a tissue between your fingers, gently snap off any burnt wood from the wooden wick. This will help ensure an even burn and flame.

    Following the first burn, allow the candle to burn for around 2 hours, and never more than 4 hours.

  • EXTINGUISHING your candle

    We recommend using a snuffer to extinguish your candle after
    use. Blowing it out could cause liquid wax to splash and/or the wooden debris from the wick to drop into the wax.

  • Watch your FINGERS

    Be careful not to touch the container when the candle has
    been lit. The glass will get hot, especially towards the end of the burn time.

  • Don't forget your GIFT

    With every candle there's a gift from us to help you engage your senses and make a moment with your candle. Check the insert that came with your candle for all the details.

An Ebb & Flo Candle, clean and simple, using natural wax and a wooden wick

Perfectly imperfect

Your candle may appear a little lumpy and bumpy once it solidifies. The wax may also darken in colour slightly.

This is completely normal for a candle made from natural wax.

It certainly won’t affect your enjoyment and is a gentle reminder of the perfectly imperfect essence of life.